Groceries and free apple cider

I started by day by stopping in at WINZ to sort out some assistance over the stand down period to get me through at least on the payment of bills – as I informed my case manager that in terms of my outgoings the Job Seeker Allowance (formally known as the community wage which was formally known as the unemployment benefit – it has had more rebranding than Prince) covers everything but basically I just need a bridge between the end of my employment and the beginning of receiving assistance. In an ideal world I’d sooner go straight into a job but I guess I’ll just have to be patient.

After the meeting I headed down to the grocery store to pick up some essentials as well as topping up my phone for the $46 prepaid combo as well as some loaves of bread, soup, a chicken for dinner, plus some other odds and ends which will get me through the week plus pay a bill that came through – although I had something like 2-3 weeks to pay it I prefer not leaving loose ends up but rather tidying things up asap. So that is all paid up and organised.

On my way back from Petone I picked up those ciders I bought using my Fly Buys from the Waterloo Liquor Land. I’m trying out the Pear cider as I type this and earlier in the night with dinner I had a Lemon and Lime Cider which was really nice – it is great to see that there are options beyond just the traditional cloudy scrumpy and the more clear ‘crushed apple cider’ sold by the likes of Monteiths, Mac’s, Speights and other brands. A nice cool crisp drink after a long warm day and it is sweeter than traditional cider but it is a change from the usual that I purchase (plus it was free so no complaints from me!).

It seem that there is another fiasco that has unfolded in the Android world between a consumer advocacy group in the Netherlands taking Samsung to task over its lack of timely updates for at least two years. The other issue has been a security issue with the Linux kernel, which lays at the heart of Android, and given the severity of the security issue it isn’t something that can be mitigated with a work around which raises an interesting question as to how quickly an update an be pushed out. Nexus devices of course will receive an update almost immediately given that Google will be dealing with the source tree directly but the OEM’s have a mountain of tweaks, Samsung has their own custom ARM CPU design from what I understand they maintain their own source tree external of the main Linux trunk which means those changes will have to be merged back into the latest source then retested on the multiple makes and models of phones which will drag the issue out further – what a nightmare.

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