Well, things can’t get any worse I suppose

Got up this morning and sent off a whole lot of applications for jobs but it appears that for many jobs I don’t have the qualifications which brings up plan (B) in regards to possible retraining assuming that I cannot get a stable job within the next month or two. For me it is about having money and not having to worry about bills creeping up and a job would at least be able to put me in a situation of cash coming in. I’ll head over to the meeting tomorrow to see if I can get some additional help but it’s all up in the air at this point.

On a good side I was run up by one of the organisations I had put name CV into however they said they were going to get back to me via email regarding the place, time, and what I require for the interview but that email hasn’t come through. I’ll need to follow that up tomorrow because the interview is on 2 February so hopefully if that is a success then it’ll mean I start training in March but until that happens I’ll need something to hold me over until my start date.

On a good side I have enough Fly Buys points to buy six bottles of Rekorderlig Cider so I’ll pick those up on the way back home then put them in the fridge because it is almost a guarantee that they’ll be sitting on a shelf at room temperature rather than nice and cold straight from the fridge. I was tempted by the Monteiths collection given that I have a soft spot for Radler but I prefer Apple cider especially on a hot day plus it doesn’t make me sleepy where as beer for some reason makes me sleepy and tired after drinking a couple of bottles.

On a good side the power bill wasn’t high and hopefully the payment I made to Spark for closing off the account will be sufficient but worse case scenario if something does go pear shaped then I’ll need to cross that bridge when I get to it.

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