Another day, another rejection

Man being unemployed is depressing especially when you get the all too common response that ‘there were more suitable candidates’. The one for the restaurant was understandable given that I have zero experience in E la Carte dining and from the sounds of it he wanted someone who hit the ground running with at least some foundational knowledge and skills where as most of my background was in fast-food which is an entirely different cliental. Hey, that’s all good – he has a business to run and one cannot afford to have a restaurant being run by a manager who doesn’t have experience in the areas required. The problem is that the rejection from the public service job was working in a call centre which seems to have ignored 19 years of experience which makes me wonder whether the person in HR had even bothered to read all the resumes that had been handed in or whether the decision had already been made before the date of the cut off given that the cut off and the time of notification was a single day.

Colour be sceptical but I’ve sent an email reply to find out exactly where I was lacking if for no other reason than to provide me with a bit of humour to cheer myself up – its called accountability, you make a decision then you should be able to account as to why you made the decision you did instead of running off to an office cubicle and playing ‘hide and go seek’ with the public. When I was a manager, if I made a decision not to refund a customer I told the customer the exact reason why and I didn’t hide behind the counter hoping that the customer would go away if I ignored them. If you work in HR and make a decision then if you refuse to give the applicant a reason for why they didn’t get the job then it tells me that you’re not confident about the decision you made – that the decision was based not on an objective set of criteria and the applicant not meeting it but rather a whimsical hand wringing cavalier attitude to recruitment.

Tonight I uploaded a YouTube video so I’ll see how things work out but it is great to get back into the mix and maybe make some more content but videos are rather time consuming and not something that I can easily create when compared to a WordPress post where I can lay in bed and spontaneously write stuff when I feel the need to create. I tend to avoid YouTube mainly because the comment section is just plain horrible – flame wars, morons posting conspiracy theories, idiots who then reply where it is abundantly clear that they never actually watched the videos given what they end up posting generally has nothing to do with the video or draw erroneous conclusions based on the fact that they want to wedge an entirely different topic into the discussion.

I had a look at the latest amount of data by having a look both my laptop and desktop – the problem is that at the rate I am going I was hitting at around 3GB per day with both computers but even if I took off the ‘once offs’ such as an update download or the download of Office 365 I was still well above the 60GB offered by the Skinny deal assuming I reduced my usage down to 90GB I’d be high with a high overage. If Skinny started to charge $15 for a 20GB add on then $85 would provide 100GB and it would cover me and probably the vast majority of New Zealand. Oh well, I’ve put a ‘comment’ over at Geekzone on the forum in a hope that maybe they’ll take into consideration that suggestion.

I’ve finally updated my blog theme – something lighter and cleaner in design. Oh, and I love my new email address – spam free and everything going well with that.

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