Heading into the weekend

Today hasn’t been too bad – I’ve finally sorted out the bathroom by bogging up the hole that was left after the light was taken off the wall which will hopefully mean that either by tomorrow afternoon or the next day the plaster will be dry and I’ll be able to sand it back to a smooth finish. Once that is dry I’ll then look at painting it then with the help of mum I’ll put the mirror up in the bathroom which will finish things off. The other part is painting the inside of the shelves in the kitchen where I’ve done an undercoat but I’ve finally going to get around to painting it fully inside which will tidy things up. As for the outside, I need to do some more weeding in the garden, spray some weed killer around and hopefully borrow the water blaster to clean up the backyard especially with the build up of dirty in some of the more abrasive concrete which seems to attract it resulting in moss growing etc.

Monday I’ll head into the Work and Income NZ office near by to sort out the unemployment benefit although I’m hoping that I would have heard back from one of the jobs I had applied for by that time. I am hoping that although I did get some pay I also used that pay to get rid of overdraft and get bills sorted out so hopefully when they do the number crunching they take into account the two weeks since finishing so if there is any stand down period it won’t be too long but if there is a stand down then hopefully they’ll take into account what I used the money for on my final payment.

Although I have moved to Skinny mobile and everything is going great with my phone I am tempted by the offer of the wireless broadband where the offer is $55 for 60GB ( link ) which is $25 per month cheaper than what I have now. The big question I have though is how much data do I actually use in a month because if I do fall below 60GB then I really have to ask myself whether I should move and save a few dollars although the modem upfront is $200 the upfront cost pays for itself in 8 months then after that I’m saving money. I had a check of my router and it says that there has been 23 days of uptime and 108GB upload/download so if that is accurate then I’m better off staying with Bigpipe especially if Apple ends up launching their own IPTV based service after rumours have been circulating recently.

Regarding Skinny mobile, it is a prepaid which means I’ll be able to receive calls for the job interviews but I won’t be required to top it up meaning that I don’t have any sort of ongoing commitments which reduces my overhead costs. Once I’ve got a stable job with cash coming in then buy the $46 combo which gives unlimited calling, texting and 2.5GB of data per month which is roll over. So at this stage my weekly outgoings have come down to $100 per weeks things will be affordable going forward once either the benefit comes through or the job.

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