Avowed Socialist – Bernie Sanders

As an outside to the American political system I can’t help but chuckle to myself when I hear the usual talking heads fear that their chosen Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, may have her ‘red carpet’ nomination scuttled by what these talking heads refer to as an ‘avowed socialist’  – I’ll let that sink in whilst remembering that there a well deserved hostility towards ‘establishment candidates’ due to the lack of any real change of substance under Obama other than the embracing of some 1970’s Republican ideas such as the Affordable Care Act rather than any change of substance (see the regulation of Wall Street which left massive loop holes not to mention insufficient funds to setup these regulatory bodies). Bernie Sanders has come out and labelled himself a ‘Democratic Socialist’ or what those of us outside of the United States call ourselves ‘Social Democrat’ and need one need the obvious pointed out by the fact that a Social Democrat isn’t a Socialist but rather a a person who believes in a mixed market economy where the government plays a role providing goods and services that the market cannot or will not provide in sufficient enough quantities at a price lower enough that is of benefit to society at large. In other words, contrary to the talking heads and idiots on Fox News, a social democrat isn’t anti-capitalist but rather believe that the market and capitalism play a role but needs to be regulated to stop the excesses from accumulating and destroying itself (‘save capitalism from itself’ is a term commonly thrown around by Fabian Society which influenced the the formation of the Labour Party in the UK and whose ideas spread beyond the UK).

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