The more things change, the more they stay the same

So things are moving along well with my overdraft to all paid off by Wednesday evening which will mean I can finally close off my ASB Bank account and thus complete my move to Kiwibank.  Which gets into my next thing I’ll whine about which is banks who push debt under the guise of ‘helping customers’ when in reality what does automatic approval of more credit or over drafts do? well, I know at least for me (hey, at least I’m honest!) and many others it is a matter of “wow, I can buy xyz” then late regret the decision where as at least with the system where you have to go and manually apply for an overdraft you’re having to think about the process and whether this is something you really want to do vs. when you’re offered something such as “oh, here is a free sample of chocolate….” where most people would never think “what is the down side” given that “OMG! it’s chocolate!”. I’m not saying that banks shouldn’t offer it but debt shouldn’t be something your can easily access particularly if you’ve got a toxic combination in society these days which revolves around instant gratification and sophisticated marketing then throw on easy credit and don’t be surprised if everything ends up in tears like what happened not too long ago with the 2008 global financial crisis.

After dealing with an onslaught of stupid people ringing me up on my 2 Degrees Mobile number along with an insurance company wanting to know whether Jason something or other was there – sigh. See, this is what happens when you recycle phone numbers and this is what happens when institutions never follow up to check with customers whether they’ve still got the same number. Anyway, I grabbed mum’s old flip phone and I put my 2 Degrees Mobile in there then rang up to put myself on a prepay so basically the only thing I’ll be using it for is to receive calls from the CV’s I have sent out but apart from that after a month I’ll mothball the number – I’ve put my new number on the CV’s I’ve been handing out today which will mean I should be all good for now.

Just looking at the price, they’re $13 per month cheaper with the only thing you give up (as mentioned before) is the ‘interest free’ deal but then again you are effectively paying interest when the deal is $13 more than the prepaid alternative offered by Skinny not to mention the fact that you’re given Spotify with some prepaid and pay monthly deals – am I really interested in Spotify? no. I went for the $46 combo and changed my number to a brand new one that I doubt is even close to getting in circulation because they’re still in the 0204 1xx xxx series so it means that I won’t be dealing with a recycling phone number any time soon.

Here is the funny thing, I left Spark only to come back to Spark given that they own both Bigpipe and Skinny so either way I’m still with Spark but I’m getting the same level of service quality but at a lower price (I guess they can achieve that by stripping out all the additional stuff they normally bundle in with pay monthly and prepaid that come with Spark). What ever the case maybe things are getting sorted out. Oh, and funny enough I was able to choose a number that is pretty close to my old Spark number so that is all good in the hood which has not been recycled which also fixes another problem.

Regarding tomorrow – I’ll be heading down to NZ Post to get a photo done for my passport which I’ll upload and renew my existing one. Once that is all sorted I’ll then get my RealMe verified so it’ll mean that in future I can apply for things from the government – birth certificate for example. Employers these days are getting tough with their pre-employment check list where as in the past it was pretty laid back and ‘she’ll be right’ kind of attitude to things. Oh, and another good thing; overdraft is finally paid off so I’ll close off the ASB account tomorrow – a fresh start for a fresh new year.

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