RealMe and bad database design

Around a month ago I decided to move from Spark to 2 Degrees Mobile to take advantage of their pricing however what has happened is it turning into a nightmare given that it is a recycled mobile phone number rather than a brand new number. So what joy do I get? I get someone text messaging wanting to know whether I can sell some tanning products, a message allegedly sent to the number of her ex-boyfriend which is kind of interesting given that such a phone number would have required it being inactive for a certain number months. Really, you didn’t keep in contact with your ex for almost a year then suddenly out of the blue, “hey, could you flog some tanning stuff for me” out of the blue? Ok, one strange text message I can deal with.

Now I move onto the joy of wanting to renew my passport since it is almost 2 years expired and it is a great form of ID particularly when it comes to potential employers wanting proof of your NZ citizenship. I’d prefer to do everything online so I go to RealMe and part of that includes setting up txt verification which requires the providing of ones mobile phone number but when I enter the number what do I end up getting? I end up getting told that low and behold this recycled phone number has already been used and well, I’m just shit out of luck. So I rang up RealMe to get this sorted and I was told, “oh, we’ll ring you back to confirm the number” but the problem is by the time they rang I was on my scooter coming back from handing in my bank account information to my potential future employer. You’d think that they would maybe have a protocol where once a month or every two months there would be a requirement to confirm the mobile number but alas it appears that isn’t the case. It is more ridiculous because as some person noted, a couple might share a mobile phone so what happens to them?

So what is going to happen now? well, if I’m going to keep getting buggered around like this then I might as well just go to Skinny (a pure prepay mobile phone subsidiary of Spark) and go with the $46 per month plan which comes with the following:

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 3.29.20 AM

Which works out to be only $7 more than with 2 Degrees with the only downside being that I’m not able to get a phone on the 12/24 month interest free which is pretty much a non-issue for me. The question, do I put my friends and family though another inconvenience just to avoid RealMe and it’s stupidity along with the possibility of future annoying texts? I’ll need to wait it out until I get a stable job but once that is all sorted then I’m going to move to Skinny and when I do I’ll test the number before I announce it so then I don’t make the same mistake again.

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