Nexus 6P in a Mac world

I have enjoyed using my Nexus 6P 64GB but one of the main things I have noticed in regards to Android is that developers don’t seem to spend the same amount of care and attention to UI design particularly when it comes to banking applications that re-use a lot of components such as the ASB Bank banking application which is gorgeous on iOS but on Android is very much a utilitarian solution that isn’t designed for comfort but rather “does it do what needs to be done? great, it’s all finished”. When it comes to the Google applications they’re still very much rough and ready but if you are going to be ‘all in’ when it comes to the Google ecosystem, although Apple does a good job with its email syncing, contacts, calendaring etc. but for the fully integrated experience which includes Google maps, synchronising bookmarks and passwords then you’re better off jumping into the deep end and using a Nexus device running Android because you get an uncompromised integration.

When it comes to the desktop though if you are going to head down the road in moving to the Android ecosystem and embracing the Google cloud services then it’ll require giving up the ‘light weight’ nature of Safari in favour of Chrome. For someone like me with a laptop that is never too far from a power plug it is great but the downside is that you have a browser that is heavier when it comes to memory usage, CPU utilisation because of the nature of the per-tab process model vs. Safari which has process separating model along the lines of separating off functions – rendering, javascript etc. which avoids having to reconstruct from the ground up the whole web based stack for each tab that is created.

Back to the topic at hand, I have enjoyed using my Nexus 6P and it definitely is head and shoulders above what HTC and Samsung have been putting together but what Apple does the best is the polish even with the bugs that rear their ugly head on iOS. In 1-2 years time when I’m looking for a replacement would I purchase another Nexus? probably not. The problem with Google is their lack of attention to detail which is the same problem that pulled me from Windows towards OS X. What I mean by lack of attention to detail on the desktop I mean the lack of a sophisticated synchronisation software akin to iTunes (but without the warts that exist with iTunes) to keep tracking of the music on the desktop as well as what is on the phone rather than manually copying things across then wondering whether you’ve already copied it across. The other problem is the issue of Chrome but more importantly the nature of the IMAP implementation which Google uses which eschews the IMAP standard such as using ‘labels’ rather than folders when you create a folder then move your file from one location to another. There is a lot more funky stuff that happens as well – all in all the result is a mess and Apple having to chase a moving target because quite simply Google would prefer it that users were using the web interface instead of using native local applications running on the end users machine (think ads etc).

This is where Google really need to focus on and that is bridging the gap between their phone and the desktop – this goes for both OS X and Windows. Unfortunately I don’t seem them doing it because they view ‘the web’ as the future – apps for the smart phone, browser on the desktop seems to be the mantra for Google. Oh well, looking forward to how things things occur in the future for iOS and Android especially now that Android is moving to the official OpenJDK rather than using their own custom framework. iOS will have interesting times particularly with the LLVM ARM optimisations and the improvements being made to Apple’s own ARM CPU going forward.

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