Tying up loose ends and looking forward

Just looking at my financial situation and although I have enough wiggle room for around a month I’m still dealing with tying up the loose ends with my former employer. Personally I’m not overly concerned if I don’t get my holiday pay etc. because once I’ve handed in the final shirt (I finally started folding my washing) maybe today/tomorrow I’ll wash hands of the past and move on and never have to think about the organisation again. I may have started off working there but I feel bitter that over the years I was used by the organisation – long weeks of up to 60 hours where my hourly rate dropped well below the minimum wage yet not a single thank you or acknowledgment when I took on extra responsibilities to save labour for the company. It is akin to being kicked in the nuts by your boss after doing a long shift having gone out of your way to cancel your appointments because you wanted to be a nice guy and help him out.

It is one of the reasons why the jobs I’ve gone for aren’t in the management positions – why should I take on the responsibility of a manager only to receive marginally more pay than a crew member? reminds me of a crew member I worked with who was offered a position as a manager and turned it out down each time – “why should I take on a whole heap of responsibility with bugger all pay increase and lose a whole heap of flexibility” and when I look back at what he said I’m in agreement with what he said, it doesn’t make any sense.


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