Meh, could be worse I guess

Trying to get over my last job – missing many of the great people I met during the time working there but on the other side many people have also left that organisation too which puts me in that camp of ending one job and beginning a new. I guess for me I tend to like getting in a comfortable rut and would prefer everything to just remain the same, a regular routine of getting up, having something to each, check the news, then head off to work only to then come home to check out a few television shows then head off to sleep. Although I’m centre left and progressive in my political outlook I do crave the idea of stability that comes from conservatism – the life of constant change has the aura of tantalising excitement like being an onlooker to an adrenaline junky getting their ‘fix’ then thinking “maybe I should try that” but then later deciding it would be all too much because the ‘boring life’ is what I crave.

I went for a job at a restaurant but it was something I’d most likely not get because there were a lot of people going for the job with far more experience than I do. Working in the fast food industry (or the ‘quick food service’ as they like to be called) gives me some of the skills but restaurants also deal with a completely different cliental. If I had had experience being a barista, maybe some bar experience under my belt along side the experience in the fast food industry I think I would have stood a greater chance but even that is no guarantee either. As much as I’d love to believe the idea that if you have x, y and z then you’ll get the job would be assuming thee aren’t other factors that come in to play – sometimes the reason why someone is hired is a mystery to both the person being hired and the person doing the hiring because many times it comes down to ‘gut instinct’ rather than an objective set of metrics where you add up the points and go “well, that person has the most number of points so I’ll employ them”. Something I keep reminding myself – you could do everything correct and give all the right answers but the decision is ultimately going to be out of your hands and most likely nothing that you personally could do to influence the decision by changing something in the interview.

I’ll head into the city on Monday to sort out unemployment benefit as a last resort back up plan just in case everything turns to crap so at least I have a backup plan but on a good side I have been able to work through slowing the reserves I have and keep everything in check. My main concern is about getting my scooter 6 month servicing but things have been going well and if it all works out with the job I’m hoping for now then it’ll mean I can bring it in towards the end of January so then it’ll be serviced and ready although the hole in the exhaust, being covered by foil, is stopping it from being excessively noisy but I’d sooner find a more permanent solution that properly seals up the hole.

A good thing that has come out of leaving the job has also been eating healthier – no more deep fried foods, regular sleeping pattern rather than going to bed at 4am then waking up and feeling like a Zombie then cramming myself full of caffeine just to keep my eyes awake when I’m on my scooter then cramming more calories down my throat to stay awake and alert. That doesn’t even touch on the abusive customers who seem to ascribe to the ‘misery likes company’ doctrine one has to deal with as they go through the drive thru vomiting out taxi windows, abusing the staff etc. I’m happy to be as far away from that crap as I possibly can be. Oh, and I just had a calculation then, based on the number of hours I did it a week vs. how much I was paid I was actually being paid below the minimum wage to the point that the job I was interviewed on Thursday would result in me being paid more per hour but without the headache of responsibility.

As for next year, I’m looking at the possibility of getting a post graduate teaching certificate which is a one year course so then it gives me the opportunity to either go teaching or maybe work towards an ESOL certificate to teach English and go overseas to maybe China and meet up with a friend I’ve known for a long time. The opportunities are there, I just need to reach out and grab them.

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