End of one chapter, beginning of a new

Well, it is all formalised, I have finished working one company and now in search for a new job. Having worked for the same organisation for almost five years it was getting to the point that I dreaded getting up in the morning and going to work but it is now time to move on to bigger and better things and leave the past behind me. On a good side I already have two interviews lined up along with finishing an online test for a call centre job although I kind of flunked out at the mathematics given that there were 18 questions that had to be answered in 17 minutes which left me none too happy that I ran out of time. I’m hoping that worse case scenario I get a part time job then at least I can continue paying the bills and rocking along until I can get a full time permanent job some time in the future. I’m hoping that if everything works well tomorrow then a job will come out of it even if it is something like 20-30 hours per week I’d be a happy lad. I’m still having a look at courses at university and whether in the long term I need to up-skill and maybe enter into the teaching profession? Oh well, lets see how things pan out.

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