More changes and progress forward

Ever have the experience of reading through something on a forum and you start off a reply then think, “oh fuck it, is it really worth replying to the post…..” then click cancel? I don’t know whether my ‘field of fucks’ has been depleted or whether I’m just too lazy to actually put together a coherent critique given that what ever I write will probably go in one ear and out the other or the intended reader simply skims the post and misses the blasted point of the reply but it seems these days that you more or less ask whether this is the umpteenth time that the topic has been rehashed.

I’ll probably write an article regarding Bernie Sanders and the reason why ordinary blue collar workers are attracted to Donald Trump even if is ultimately voting against their own self interest. Just a heads up – if you tell some blue collar guy to ‘check his privilege’ then don’t be surprised when he turns around to say “fuck you” and votes against his own self interest in spite of the side you represent. If you crap on someone or a group of people long enough then don’t be surprised that there is a backlash especially when you use divisive language that is devoid of context – the context being the fact that all of us human have identities made up of many different paths that cross and intersect.

Still on my war path to reduce costs – moving to 2 Degrees and Big Pipe along with clearing off the 24 months interest free with Spark has freed up $100 per month. Big Pipe has been great not having to deal with using vlan tagging as mentioned in a previous post when setting up with Spark where as with Big Pipe you just have to set it up with PPPoE and that’s it, everything just works. On my Wi-Fi connection to the router I am able to hit:


With a connection to the router sitting at 1300mbps on the 5GHz frequency – very stable, no drop outs etc. but then again if you’ve got a decent quality router then things tend not to go pear shaped. I regret signing up for Spark because I had the mistaken belief that it would be easier if I had my internet and mobile phone in one place but as a result I ended up missing out on a better deal with 2 Degrees for my mobile and found that I as paying more and locked in a contract by not going with Big Pipe. Oh well, lesson learned and I’m a lot wiser for it.

Looking at other costings – I realised that I can get a discount for my health insurance since I’m with Southern Cross so I’ll need to see how big of a discount it is when compared to nib but as they say – the devil is in the details. I like to check through all my finances at least once a year to see whether I’m getting the best value for money and if not what I can do to make it better – every dollar counts. Oh, and I’ve still got to close off that Kiwibank account I’ve had sitting there since I was at high school – just letting it stick around like a bad smell and it still has $2.25 in the account. On a good side, GEM have finally gotten around to formally closing off the GEM Visa – that is another $50 or so saved each year.

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