Decisions, Decisions

A new year and just having a look at the software that I use on a regular basis. For a while now I have used MarsEdit for my blog but I decided to give Blogo a go after hearing some good feedback/reviews regarding it so I’m going to give it a test drive for 30 days and see how everything goes. I’ve also been using Hands Free 2 which is a great piece of software but it has some issues that I’ve reported to the developers – when sending texts for more than 160 characters rather than breaking them up into seperate messages then joining them up the message is cut off. The other problem is when sending texts from ones computer the phone says it hasn’t been delivered but the it actually has which leads me to wonder whether the application on the desktop is receiving the confirmation of receiving but the messaging applicaiton on Android isn’t getting that confirmation hence it assumes that it hasn’t been received. A possible work around I guess is how getting the confirmation to go back to both the messaging application and the Hands Free 2 application.

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