Another succesful Christmas and looking forward to a new year

Well, it has come and gone – another successful Christmas without too much drama with a lot of things that have happened. Firstly a return to Google services which includes a Google email address which sparks off the move to a new domain name which will keep the old one around until January 2016 at which point it’ll drop off from the web and the new domain name will be the only way in which the website will be accessible. Regarding the background to the name ‘Matisyahu’ – it is Hebrew for Matthew so in reality it is about having a domain name and email address that uses my real name rather than one that I wasn’t particularly fond of but kept using because “meh, I can’t be bothered coming up with something better”.

During this I’ve also moved to a Nexus 6P smartphone that I’ll be doing a review as well as now having an iMac 5K 27″ iMac as well – I’ll be doing a review of those two within the next few weeks along side the Chromecast v2 that I own which enabled me to sell my AppleTV given that I was solely using AppleTV as a device to recieved a display that was ‘cast’ rather than taking advantage of the new features under the hood introduced in tvOS 9.1.

Going into 2016 I’m hoping to have some more political writing and will do a reply to the article recently uploaded by Klingschor regarding Ayaan Hirsi Ali ( link ) in reference to the nature of her polemics and how there is a gap between what Ayaan says and what she wrote in her book Infidel: My Life. If you’ve watched interviews, you will notice a sharp difference between what she said in her book and how over the years it has gone from that into something that has taken on a life of its own. It also doesn’t help that so few inteviewers are willing to question the fact that she states in her book that she was bought up in family where it was a folksy unsophisticated Islam that was littered with Somali tribal customs and her only exposure to a regimented orthodox Islam was via missionaries sent from Saudi Arabia which is hardly a representation of the Muslim world any more than what takes palce in Uganda and the ‘kill the gays’ being a representation of Christianity as a whole (one of my biggest complaints by Americans on Reddit is their equating of Christianity in the United States as something that they can extrapolate globally).

Finally got a new back tyre for my scooter after it ended up having something like 5-6 puncher repairs plus numerous smaller ones I was unable to detect which meant that the air wasn’t being held in meaning gradually it would deflate. In January I’ll take it in to get the 6 monthly check up and whilst I’m in there I’ll get the whole 9 yards sorted out – the fuel gauge isn’t particularly accurate given that it said I had some left yet it was actually empty, there is a hole in the muffler that needs repairing and I might be tempted to just throw in the towel and replace the front tyre along with purchasing another puncher repair kit to ensure that I always have a back up plan up my sleeve just in case everyones favourite friend Murphy pays a visit.

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