Secret Santa and lots more fun

Doing a bit of tidying up around the home by finishing up the folding of washing, hoovering the floor, sort out the recycling (I love the fact that Lower Hutt has free recycling unlike Upper Hutt) and finish weeding out the back yard now that the weed killer has done most of the work required.

Tuesday I’m off to the work Christmas party but I’m still deciding what I’ll get for my the person who was picked as part of the ‘Secret Santa’ (I guess that makes me, since I’m choosing the present, the Secret Santa) – I might just play it safe and get a box of chocolates and maybe some Christmas nicknacks such as Christmas decorations etc. I was hoping to bring some alcohol free beer, Clausthaler, unfortunately I couldn’t find a local retailer than actually stock it other than the 0.50% variety – I want to go for the alcohol free version since I’ll be riding to and from the party on my scooter thus I don’t want to take a risk no manner how small the risk maybe.

Still trying to get the AirDrop to work so I checked with a few forums and it appears that I’m no closer to an answer but I feel a lot better knowing that I’m not the only one with the issue – that it is a well know problem but it appears there is no solution in sight. What is rather strange is the fact that the iMac and MacBook Pro both see each other so it appears that it is the iPhone that is the odd one out when it comes to being able to see my iMac and MacBook. What is rather strange is the fact that it relies on ad-hoc Wi-Fi so it should require any sort of elaborate software running in the background other than it detecting that ad-hoc is enabled then it should all work.

According to this ( link ) it appears that the HTC One M9 will be receiving the Android 6.0 end of this year/beginning of next year with 6.0.1 and to make things interesting it appears that Spark has dropped the price by NZ$200 from NZ$1099 to NZ$899 so it’ll be interesting to see how all that plays out with the rumoured HTC One M10 code named ‘Perfume’  which has replaced the rumoured HTC One M10 successor called code name O2. The rumoured HTC One M10 will come with Android 6.1 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 which includes a die shrink to 16nm using the TSMC fabrication process which should hopefully translate to better performance, cooler running and better battery life.

I’ve had a look at the Nexus 6P and although the temptation to have the latest Android build there are also the niceties that one misses by not going with an OEM such as HTC which adds some finishing touches to the UI regarding the look and feel when compared to vanilla Android which I find rather bland – don’t get me wrong, I don’t want over the top bling but it is rather bland when compared to the OEM customisations HTC make using Sense. Rumour has it that if there is an announcement that it won’t be until next year around February/March/April which would put it within around 10/11/12 months after they launched the HTC One M9.

There is good news for HTC though with the launch of the HTC One A9 it appears that they’ve gaining back some ground on the middle tier which they had ignored for quite some time so the emergence back into the middle is great but I still have concerns over their low end and what appears to be an overly fragmented product line up that tries to be everything to everyone but end up adding additional costs in the form of testing, man power etc. all for the sake of catering for almost every niche possible. I understand the need to have a low end model for the developing countries but they really are going overboard especially if your goal is to give an user a good experience but it is difficult to do so because there are so many variations and permutations that exist. Have one entry level mode, offer it in a few colours, offer regular software updates and offer it at a good price point – no, you don’t need to have 3 different models all $5 apart nor do you need to offer one with 1/2 dozen SIM slots so some cheapskate can ‘get the best deal’ by choosing between 1/2 carriers. Apple is successful because they follow the KISS principe – Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS). HTC needs to focus on three tiers; entry, mid range and high end; a model at the low end with changeable panels for customisation, a mid range in a couple of colours then a high end in two models – a standard and a phablet model.

Things are starting to get rather interesting in the world of Android because up until recently Apple has more or less been pretty much given an open season on the market given the lack of a decent and viable alternative but with the launch of the Nexus 5X and 6P it appears that the situation is changing with hopefully the HTC One M10 and Samsung S7 (in its various forms) will result in stronger competition which will compel Apple not only to improve hardware but the software as well.

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