Smooth updating: OS X 10.11.2, iOS 9.2 and El Capitan Recovery Update

Finally got around to updating my iMac and MacBook Pro to OS X 10.11.2 and everything is going smoothly. On the MacBook Pro it appears that there was a very minor firmware update that moved it from B14 -> B15. I haven’t noticed any difference in terms of readability or speed but I guess what ever has been fixed I’m sure I’ll benefit from. Things are a little bit smoother, Wifi is more predictable as it appears that the wifi firmware has been updated along with the driver (the firmware is loaded into memory then the driver follows or in the Windows world if it were an Intel based Wifi chip then the firmware would come in the form of a dll file then the driver in the form of an sys load since it depends on the firmware already being in memory – same situation occurs with webcams that are UVC (USB Video Class) where features beyond the basic UVC standard are loaded as firmware into memory which the driver taps into that more advanced functionality, it is also an easy way to save a few dollars but pushing the firmware off the hardware thus save a few chips). Video card drivers all seem to have an update including the Intel, AMD and nVidia with the AMD being given quite the investment which tells me that this move to AMD by Apple is more than just a flutter but something of a long term relationship given that the roadmap of AMD’s GPU’s make it more conducent with the long term plans for Metal (not to mention the benefits that AMD’s architecture brings for Vulkan and DirectX 12 in the Windows world).

Regarding AirDrop, still not working unfortunately isn’t working but is no great concern since I simply sync it manually via wire but then again I’m not a big taker of pictures with any documents I need to share I just put on my iCloud drive then call it a day. When it comes to the iOS 9.2 update it feels as though my iPhone is more snappy but then again I guess that is the natural evolution of software as things become more refined over time with compiler improvements and re-approaching problems in a new more efficient way.

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