HTC’s stupidity and Catching up on the chores around the house

Damn I’ve been lazy over the last month or so with work combined with feeling crappy at the end of each week but I’ve finally sorted things out at home such as airing my duvet, new sheets and duvet cover on my bed, hoovering the floors and generally sorting out the house because what I have heard from mum, nana is coming down from Auckland so I guess she’ll want to see what my castle looks like – and when I mean castle am referring to my humble two bedroom chateau in the Hutt Valley.

The other side I’m sorting out a few things such as paying off the 24 months interest free I have through Spark then moving onto my next target. That being said, once I’ve freed myself from the shackles of Spark I’m going to have a look at 2 Degree’s for my internet and mobile service provider for a number of reasons. The first is the roll over data they have with their mobile plans which works out great when I want to go on a holiday and I can spurge on all the saved up data I’ve acquired over the months I haven’t used my full allowance plus I can get more data at a lower price along with a better phone selection but with that being said I’m fairly happy with Spark so I’ll most likely stick with them until they do something egregiously stupid like what Vodafone has done with their horrible service.

I was looking back on the HTC Review in respects to HTC’s preview programme they have running. I had a look at the whole preview promotion they have running and it encapsulates exactly where HTC is going wrong when a company is so US centric when the only response to my inquiry regarding when Android 6.0 will come to New Zealand (the exact question I posed was: @HTCHelp Got a possible ETA on when Android 6.0 will come to HTC One M9 in New Zealand?) all I get is this response:Screen Shot 2015 12 08 at 3 46 16 AM

And how is that remotely helpful to a customer when the companies response is literally, “I couldn’t give a toss even if I tried” to an inquiry regarding your product? is it really all the difficult to look up information regarding the deployment to the Asia-Pacific region and as to when testing will start by carriers in that region? You honestly can’t tell me that they don’t have a release schedule as to when they’ll give the bits to Spark, Vodafone and 2 Degrees Mobile – at least a ballpark of “we’re looking at releasing the final bits to NZ carriers in a month however we cannot give an exact date on when their approval process is complete given that each carrier is different”. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there is a whole market outside of the United States and maybe if you were focusing equal attention on those markets you’d find that your marketshare wouldn’t be crashing like a lead balloon as I type this. If you take care of your customers then your customers will take care of you but it appears that HTC has ignored that adage in favour of focusing 99% of its energy on the American market in exclusion to all other potential customers. Thanks to their appalling display of customer service they’ve made the Nexus 6P device all the more tempting.

Edit: Got another reply that they’re working with carriers. Oh well, lets wait till next year to see what happens once all the house keeping is sorted out.

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