Progressing well: GEM Visa now gone (almost!), Christmas coming soon and Swift now open source!

Finally made the last payment on my GEM Visa card and this Monday I’m going to ring up GE Money and close off the account. I’m not entirely debt free but to get rid of that card makes life a whole lot easier for all concerned. When it comes to Christmas this year, I’m still trying to decide what I’ll get for mum and my sister, partner and daughter – I’m not too sure whether my brother will be coming over from Aussie for Christmas but I’ll grab him something anyway just incase he does. I’ll probably do like what I always do – I’ll buy vouchers or maybe I’ll just be even lazier and put some money in a Christmas card.

On a good side Apple has released the source code for their Swift language ( link ) which will become part of the Clang/LLVM project eventually. It is interesting to see how Apple has gone from strength to strength with new relationships with IBM and Microsoft whilst Microsoft is still trying to move heaven and earth to get developers interesting in their UWP vision that they have for the future. As I’ve noted in my review of Windows 10 though, if Microsoft want developers to move onto the UWP bandwagon then they need to start dog-fooding their own code or otherwise it looks like a situation of, “yeah, we want you to use it…us use it? are you out of your mind!” thus it gives the impression that Microsoft don’t have confidence in their own platform thus they don’t use it. On a good side though I have a special treat in store for the new year – I’m in the process of writing up a long blog entry which should be lots of fun. Lets call it a late Christmas present so as they say “watch this space”.

On a good side it appears that 10.11.2 is coming along nicely and it appears that they want to get it out before Christmas so that the developers who have been working like crazy to on 9.2 and OS X El Capitan can enjoy a well deserved break after all that. Looking forward to the updates to my tvOS, iOS and OS X either before or just after Christmas.

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