More Unifi Fun

Just tweaking around and I’m looking at getting a switch which will make fixed line management via ethernet a whole lot easier – side note, funny enough I was thinking, “maybe I need to get a hub” then I Google’d and realised just how out of date I am when it comes to how switches have replaced hubs. A 5 port gigabit switch from Noel Leeming costs around $44.99 because right now if I do a reset I have to use my old router as a makeshift switch that really does a shitty job as it given the experience isn’t always consistent where as I need something that does behave like a proper switch.

Another thing I noticed is that I didn’t have mdns enabled (aka Bonjour) or uPnP (which helps with the likes of Skype etc).


set service upnp2 listen-on eth1

set service upnp2 wan pppoe0

set service upnp2 nat-pmp enable

set service mdns reflector

set service upnp listen-on eth1 outbound-interface pppoe0




Funny enough, enabling this has also addressed the Skype issue I’ve been having so hopefully everything will be working great form now on.

Edit: Just updated the information as of 29/11/2015 as I found out how to configure upnp since not all software supports upnp2 so you’ll need to the two services running at the same time. Apart from that, everything is running well and finally got Transmission (Bit Torrent Client) to work smoothly.

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