All sorted out for the weekend

The weekend came and went pretty quickly but I’m happy that I’ve finally got the Windows 10 review out of the way but I also learned that when you change the date of post that the link breaks so something you learn the hard way. The reason why I changed the post date was because I started it on 16th November and I saved it as a draft to the server so unfortunately that meant that the post was clocked in on that day so when I went to punish it rather than it being punished on the day when I changed the ‘Post Status’ from draft to published it is posted on the same day the the draft was started.

I was considering the idea of making videos again but it is still very much situation of being up in the air until I decide whether it is worth it when compared to just writing articles which are easier to read and more convenient than making a video which requires one to sit down and watch/listen. Almost there when it comes to closing off the GEM VISA card – I’ll be so damn happy once it is all paid off before Christmas – one less thing I need to worry about. Once that is all paid off then I’ll be closer to a few personal goals of mine. Oh, and something random – I’ve changed the direction of the spotlights in the lounge room so that now it adequately lights up the room where as the two ones that were on the end of the bar were pointed out towards the wall rather that in a more appropriate direction – the room is a lot better lit up.

Oh, and for the last week I’ve been moping around the house being all negative about Mac’s and OS X in general for some reason – one of those “maybe the other side isn’t so bad’ and ‘maybe I should give PC’s a second chance’ but given my nocturnal behaviour I’d say it probably has more to do with the lack of vitamin D than anything else which means I need to get outside and have some more sun on me along with maybe taking some vitamin D supplements for good measure. Had a pile of vegetables today and feeling a whole lot better. I had a look online at the Apple store – the new iMac 5K look nice but I’ll hold off doing anything until next year once I get my finances in order.

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