Windows 10 10586.3 ‘Autumn Update’ has been released

Well, it has been released so I might as well make the review as real as possible by upgrading to the latest version available to see how things have improved/gone backwards – I have to admit there are certain things about Windows 10 that are growing on me. There are still many disappointing aspects, the poor DPI scaling on high dpi screens, the messy hangovers from Win32 that I simply don’t see Microsoft addressing any time soon. I’ll probably put up with this for the next week or so but I’ll come crying back to OS X as I usually do each time. On a good side, I downloaded and installed Office 2016 for Mac and it is nice to see that Microsoft is sticking to their promise of regular cycle of bug and security fixes along with the occasional new feature (well, a feature that exists on the Windows version finally making its way to the OS X version).

One of the things I do miss from OS X is the way in which cloud services are dealt with in terms of Windows 10 it being Microsoft’s own cloud service being only the real offering treated as a first class citizen but if you want to use Google then you don’t get the same sort of integration that you’d come to expect from OS X.

On a side note, I forgot to go ‘save’ when I did ‘commit’ with the router configuration which probably explains why it lost the settings when the firmware upgraded. Oh well, the more you learn.

Edit: I’ve upgraded Windows 10 to build 10586.3, and the changes are nice but it still doesn’t really touch on some of the rough points of Windows when it comes to the look and feel of the operating system. The additional inheriting of the colour settings to the title bars along with the menu and the task bar is a nice finishing touch but it is still rather rough and ready with the feeling that it is like OS X 10.0 where there is a lot of promising potential but so much yet to be delivered. Maybe redstone will deliver on those finishing touches once it is delivered next year.

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