The installation of the new network: Slide show time!

Finally got the network all setup, here is the access point in the lounge room which puts it within close proximity of my Apple TV and iMac (connected to the access point at 975mbps) and my laptop in the next room connects at 351mbps – that sounds like a major drop in performance but keep in mind that I’m using the 5Ghz frequency for my network given that the location of my home is in a swamp of 2.4Ghz networks where it next to impossible to have a stable connection due to the overlapping and interference that exists from all the networks.

IMG 0002

There is a faint glow at night but other than that it is in the perfect location and yet it doesn’t draw attention to it in any sort of way – it was a pain in the ass to install but it is one of those things that you install once and not have to deal with for many years to come. The great benefit is that the PoE injector resides within the second bedroom and it is fed by a 20 metre cat6 ethernet cable with more shielding than you can shake a stick at thus getting a really stable connection from the access point to the router which I’ve mounted on the wall like so:

IMG 0003

On the left hand side you have the telephone jack if I wanted a telephone but for me I have naked internet since I use my mobile as my primary telephone. Next to that is the ONT device where the fibre is fed into but it is nothing more than a dumb terminal that requires a router that supports PPPoE and vlan tagging since Spark requires that but others such as Bigpipe doesn’t require it so I guess it comes down to the ISP you use. Once the bedside table is put back it look clean, tidy and out of the way:

IMG 0004

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