Fibre is great, shitty router’s no so much

Well what an interest day I’ve had with UFB being installed in the morning due to a cancellation so the folks from Chorus/Downer which meant that they could install things fairly quickly which was great. I’ve got the UFB ONT device put in the spare bedroom however I ran into some problems.

The first problem is that the there was a significant deterioration by having a power line networking from the spare bedroom to the lounge room to the point that it just reached over 100mbps rather than reading the full 200mbps on the speedtest via ethernet. I then disconnected it and moved the router into the room and did a speed test via wifi and found that the speed was a lot better to the point of hitting 200Mbps. I then took the power line networking and then experimented by putting the router in my bedroom then using power line networking between the two bedrooms then re-ran the speedtest via wifi and there wasn’t the same performance lost as observed originally.

The second problem, now that I’ve been able to get a better signal in a better room is that its location is just horrible both ascetically and performance wise when it comes to my Apple TV especially when in the future I’ll want to be using Air Play between my iMac and Apple TV and going for yet another shitty consumer grade router wasn’t going to cut it.

The solution to both problems was accepting that the days of shitty consumer grade routers with lots of bells and whistles but just plain horrible when it comes to actually real world reliability I decide to accept reality and decided to purchase firstly 20M of Cat6 STP (shielded twisted pair) ethernet cabling along with a UniFi Security Gateway ( link ) and UniFi AP AC ( link ), and bought it from Ascent which should hopefully arrive on Monday. My plan of attack is to run a cat6 ethernet cable from the ONT device along the skirting board into the cupboard then up the cupboard into the ceiling cavity then from there over to the access point that will be in the lounge room that’ll be affixed to the roof. What about the power you say? got that sorted because the power for the access point is delivered via the ethernet cable because there is a power injector as part of the package meaning fewer cables. The gateway I’ll screw to the wall to the along side the ONT device which means it’ll be hidden and out of the way. As for the location, I’m tempted to have it just above the door going into the lounge room (from the hallway) which will mean it’ll be more or less in the centre of the house and out of the way (it is a pretty attractive unit so it shouldn’t be too much of an eye sore). The other alternative location is maybe over near my computer but I think that would be pushing my luck given that I’d need to get someone to walk around inside the roof cavity where at least with the location near the door I can more or less poke my head up through the man hole cover and just lean in to reach the cable. What ever the case maybe the cat6 shielding should do a damn good job in terms of any interference.

Well, that is another project I have in store ready for Monday which will keep me out of trouble and as one reviewer said, you either spend $100-$200 each year on routers only to be disappointed or getting some descent then keep it for years – the days of cheap shitty routers is behind me.

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