Google Talk, Hangouts and non-Gmail email addresses

On my travels I noticed something peculiar with Google Talk/Hangouts and my non-GMail email address (an address) when setting it up on OS X ‘Internet Accounts’. The problem is that I can use all the other facilities except for Google Talk/Hangouts. Now, I just assumed that maybe Apple’s software was out of date give that Google tends to move pretty quickly when it comes to killing off services that are dying or not serving the original purpose they were designed to do. I set up a Gmail account with a Gmail address then setup an internet account in ‘System Preferences’ then everything suddenly starts to work without any problems – Messages log in without an error, I’m chatting up a storm etc. so it definitely isn’t the software from Apple but something at Google’s end where unless you have setup a Google Gmail account then you won’t be able to setup Messages to chat via Google Talk/Hangouts.

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