Back to work and changes around the house

Although I love being on holiday I also enjoy finally getting back to work but unfortunately that means working the less than desirable week where I do the overnight on Saturday resulting me having to do go back home, jump into bed then wake up 7-8 hours later to then do it all over again. On the good side, if there is a good side, it’s only for two weeks so I guess it is better than a kick in the balls.

I decided in the end to move my desk out of the small bedroom and into the lounge room so then I can have the television playing in the background as well as being able to have the door to the backyard open for fresh air as well as it not being stuffy like the small bedroom. I’ll still be getting UFB installed there so then the ONT device is out of the way along with putting the MikroTik router board put on the wall as well then using power line networking to make a connection from there to my Airport Extreme base station which is in the living room. The installation of UFB will be 5 November and finally the drama of getting fibre will come to an end – 4 months after I applied.

Oh, and I tried some Wontongs I bought from the store (you heat in the oven) even with the Portuguese chicken spice I still couldn’t get over how bland it was. They were so bland and tasteless I had an existential crisis, “why the fuck am I even eating this?” was the first thing that crossed my mind. Usually their spring rolls are pretty good so I thought, “why not give one of their other products ago” – well, now I’ve learned my lesson. I threw them out because they were that terrible, lesson learned.

OS X 10.11.1 and iOS 9.1 were released but I’m looking out for the new Apple TV that’ll hopefully be released soon. Hopefully with the ability to run apps there will be more services supported such as Sky’s Neon, Spark’s Lightbox and hopefully services like the BBC offering subscription services globally.

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