Apple: The long game, UFB arrival almost there and a carpet

Just reading through this article ( link ) and I wonder whether long term Apple are going to start pulling more stuff ‘in house’ because I could imagine that long term they’ll want to move bluetooth, cellular module and wifi into their A* series of SoC and eventually I could see them buy out Imagination Technologies (PowerVR GPU) so then they’ll have every component for their SoC designed by Apple then outsourced to TSMC and Samsung for manufacturing. That beings another interesting question as to whether we could see Apple scale up their A* series of SoC to come up with a special ‘laptop’, ‘desktop’ version and ‘workstation’ version with more cores clocked at a higher speed and a more powerful GPU given that the constraints relating to form factor aren’t there (aka, you can shove a big ass head sink and fan on it). I speculate this because long term if they can standardise on their own design then they can scale it up across all their products, reuse the same code in terms of support which will mean a simplified development process rather than relying on third parties to push updates to drivers back to Apple then applying merging then deploying them out to the wide world.

On a good side, had the pre-install inspection by Downer (who work on behalf of Chorus) and it appears that the installation should be relatively easy given that the place where the fibre comes up is right next to the office which is where I’m going to be putting the router etc. The big thing now is finding a narrow bookshelf that is high end where I can put my router upon (so I can get maximum coverage) as well as a place where I can put stuff from my draws rather than having the chaos that exists. This what I’m looking at getting:


Where as my lounge room has had this cavernous void on the ground that always leaves the room empty so after much procrastination I decided to purchase a nice rug to go on the floor:


Quite a big one, 2 metres by 3 metres which will pretty much cover most of the floor area in the lounge room which will hopefully make the house a lot more homely than what it is like today. I am pondering though whether I should move my desk into the lounge room and which would free up some space in the room so it doesn’t feel as crowded but at the same time there is the benefit that during he winter I can close off the lounge and only heat the rooms I’m directly in. Oh well, things to consider.

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