Android users getting screwed once again + something cool to listen to

It is difficult not to enjoy some schadenfreude when the likes of Motorola announce there will be a slew of customers thrown under the bus because “we can’t be screwed supporting you any longer” ( link ) which is now added to ‘incomplete list’ (funny now these ‘incomplete lists’ are never updated but fanboys keep reassuring themselves that the list will be updated – soon!) that Samsung released regarding its own phone range. It is difficult to keep hearing the same tired excuses – first it was “get a phone from a big name vendor” then when you get it from a big name vendor you get told “don’t buy the cheap crappy one” then you buy the top of the line phone and find you’re still thrown under the bus you’re then told “you should have bought a Nexus” but too bad Google has taken too damn long to serve end users outside of the US (Nexus bought through the Google Play Store only just came to NZ in the last year or so). At some point even the most ardent fanboy has to admit the the Android world is a giant clusterfuck that needs a size 12 lodged up its ass if it stands any hope of gaining back the marketshare lost to Apple in the mid to flag ship segments.

On a good side I found this wonderful video of a group playing classics but in ‘Jazz form’ – a real cool vibe akin to the “Modern Jazz Quartet’ ( link )


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