Well that was fun: OS X 10.11 and iOS 9.0.2 upgrades

Just upgraded my iMac and MacBook Pro to OS X 10.11 El Capitan but I’m going to hold off installing Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac given that there are some teething issues once again between Microsoft’s software and OS X unfortunately – I’d sooner avoid those issues until they release a set of updates (that being said though, Office 2016 is a disappointment when compared to the Windows version – an improvement over 2011 (not exactly a difficult challenge) but compared to the Windows version it always feels as though it is the neglected red headed step child of the family). On a good side I’ve purged Flash off my computer and hopefully that should mean that I’ll never have to worry about dealing with Flash and all the drama that comes with the territory.

So far things have been very stable and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what developers have to say about Metal on OS X but given the enthusiasm Adobe had for it at WWDC then I could imagine that it’ll gain traction. Although I lean towards preferring open standards based technologies there comes a time when one has to acknowledge that the ‘designed by the committee’ approach holds up development and ultimately in the long term undermines the credibility in the eyes of developers even with all the promises of multiplatformness that said framework promises to bring. Developers quickly embraced DirectX even though it would mean being wedded to the Windows platform so given the reach of iOS and the goals of tvOS it appears that Apple is hoping o scale up games to the desktop through the use of Metal and hopefully long term with Apple having control over the graphics API it should allow them to achieve better performance and efficiency when compared to the world of OpenGL.

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