Perfect system, imperfect humans

It is funny when I’ll jump online and hear ideologues go on about how their religious ideology (could be expanded to politics if you want) talking about how their religion is perfect and the prescriptive laws are perfect but when you point out some theocratic hell hole (Saudi Arabia, Iran etc. take your pick) you’re told that “humans are fallible but [insert ideology here] I perfect!” as if some how they’re unable to see the flaw in their argument. If their argument is that we’re imperfect then aren’t they claiming that their system is imperfect because a perfect system would taken into account humanities imperfections and include safeguards in place to ensure that those imperfections do not undermine the the system itself? for an interventionist all knowing God who steps in and out of his creation he seems rather clueless about his own creation or maybe God never created the system but instead it was created by a man trying to fix a shitty system who never expected society to become more sophisticated than what he saw in his own life time.

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