There is a reason for it: UFB installations are painfully slow

I remember reading not too long ago about how to speed up the rate of UFB adoption to make the whole investment into the UFB worth while but the experience over the last few months has been like getting teeth pulled out with pliers. The original order for a UFB installation occurred on the second half of July with all the permissions from the neighbours done fairly properly – it has taken over a month and a half for them to finally finish the installation of the conduits and now I’m told that they’ll arrive on the 14 October before they have a ‘consultation’ as to where they’re going to install the ONT device then they’re going to come back on 5 November (assuming there is no delays) to install the UFB. So basically it has taken 4 months for something that should never have taken four months to do – this is the reason why people can’t be bothered installing UFB. Something that should be a job that takes two weeks at max has drawn out to be a long painful process lasting four months. God knows there are people that need jobs and installations that need taking place so they can’t convince me that they don’t have the man power to dig a trench, drop a cable, push a fibre through then hook it up in short order. What it appears to me is cost cutting by Chorus because it is the only explanation for the whole process taking so damn long in the first place.

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