Crappy weather is back: There goes my electricity bill

Le sigh, I was hoping that maybe I’d be able to claw back some of the electicity bill as the weather improved but here I am sitting in my office with the heater cranked up to full keeping me warm on a wet 8°C evening. Oh well, hopefully this is the last death throws of winter before we finally see spring arrive in all its mediocre NZ glory but alas I’m not going to be holding my breath that it’ll happen any time soon. On a good side though, only another two weeks to go before I can go on a holiday for two weeks along with OS X El Capitan arriving 30 September and the iPhone 6S 128GB arriving hopefully around the 25th which will make for a great start to the build up to my holidays. Also, hopefully next week Chorus will get in contact with me so I can get the fibre installed in my home – the heavy lifting has been done so it is a matter of them ‘blowing’ the fibre down the conduit to the home which will give a nice consistent experience especially when watching movies and live broadcasts.

Once again we see that Trump is a nasty piece of work with his pandering to the xenophobic racist underbelly of the Republican Party:


And notice the complete absence of any high profile public push back (apart from appearing on a morning chat show that is watched by a handful of people who switch on the TV has background noise) from any of the major presidential candidates or high profile Republican Party officials. Really, this is where the Republicans have fallen to when compared to centre right parties around the world. Just look at the Conservatives in the UK, Liberals in Australia, National in New Zealand, CDU in Germany then compare those parties and their policies to what the Republicans have become. They’ve gone from centre right to far right to somewhere in the funny farm with crazy people who wear tin foil hats and believe their refrigerator speaks to them at night. We’re not talking about a centre right party that one would associate with William Buckley Jr. If you want to see how far the Republicans have strayed then check out the ‘Republican party Platform of 1964’ ( link ) – if that was the Republican Party today then it would be a different situation but alas here we are in 2015 and it is sounding very much like Trump would fit into the Democratic Party of the 1950s with the Dixiecrats and their support for the Jim Crow laws given how divisive Trump behaves.

As most of you have probably seen, the Chinese stock market has been going through a roller coaster of a time but what I thought was funny is the terminology being used for their anti-corruption effort – apparently they’re ‘purifying the market’ which seems to have all the euphemistic qualities of the Soviet style ‘re-education camp’ for those whose ‘minds have been corrupted’ or better still when being shipped away to a gulag in Siberia was referred to as ‘counting trees’ because it is the only thing you can do in Siberia.

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