Complaints and Grievances: Dear reader, we have a thing called a dictionary

This is a bit of a follow up to a few things that have been occurring in my life so far and a bit of a debrief of the Apple presentation that occurred on 9 September 2015 where the iPhone 6S, AppleTV, iOS 9.0 and El Capitan release dates were announced along with the new iPad Pro. Over the last week I’ve been putting the HTC One M9 through its paces and it is a great phone so I’ll hold onto it for my mum given that she has the old HTC One M7 and I think the HTC One M9 would be a great Christmas present for this year and couple it with the leather case that will be arriving soon I’m sure she would appreciate having something a little better. Although it is a great phone I saw the iPhone 6S and it is calling me back to the platform which has pushed me to put through an order for the iPhone 6S 128GB along with a Twelve South Bookbook so I’ll be pretty happy when it arrives. For the HTC One M9 I ordered a leather flip case through Etsy will probably arrive at the end of October given that the supplier is a ‘one man band’ where the process takes 2 weeks to complete. The iPhone 6S that I ordered will arrive on 25 September – Spark said that they’ll try to get it as close to that date as they can but I’m not overly fussy either way as long as it is delivered safe and sound.

The presentation was fun as always with the announcement of iOS 9 release date of 16 September and the release of the iOS 9.1 public beta which will put into the hands of developers the 3D touch API that’ll enable developers to take advantage of the new hardware in iPhone 6S. The improvements in iOS 9 were noted around 6-9 months ago when there was a leak that iOS 9.0 would be primarily a tidying up and optimisation release with the 9.1 release building upon it by formalising private API’s in 9.0 which came with a new device into public API’s that all developers could use. Although I’d love to see a ‘dark option’ for iOS like they’ve done with OS X I’m happy to live with what is on offer. Oh, and the icing on the cake is the fact that the iPhone 4S, 4 years after it shipped, is still receiving iOS updates and upgrades which is amazing when compared to the Android world where you’re thrown under the bus 12 months after getting a phone – and people wonder why Apple has such a strong customer retention over the long term.

The Apple TV was shown off with the best feature being the access to the apps store and specifically what it should mean is rather than online streaming companies having to come to some sort of arrangement with Apple to get their application bundled with the next update of IOS it should mean more services that can be accessed by the Apple TV. In the case of New Zealand there are two services that come to mind, Neon (SkyTV) and Lightbox (Spark Ventures) which will mean that in the future once it is all released and stabilised we’ll see an app being made for TvOS which should translate into more offerings and turning Apple TV into something with more content that is available. There is also another aspect shown off which is as a console that taps into the large number of casual gamers who aren’t addicted to max FPS or ultra high super duper resolution games but rather low cost fun games that the masses like playing. I wonder to what extent we’ll see the established players feel heat from the new competitor especially when you consider that as devices become more powerful and cheaper whether the likes of Sony and Microsoft find their console relegated to the same sort of niche that hardcore PC gamers occupy which is a lively community but rather one where they’re a minority in a sea of casual gamers.

The iPad Pro with the stylus bought out the usual suspects and the misquoting of Steve Jobs regarding the oft quoted, “If You Need A Stylus, You’ve Already Failed!” whilst ignoring the fact that the operative word in that quotations ‘need’ and the iPad Pro makes it an optional extra. What i think is rather interesting is how the iPad Pro has become the flag ship product on which Microsoft advertises their Microsoft Office offerings which will be interesting given the recent relationship that was started between Apple and IBM in relation to not only getting enterprise apps on the iOS platform but also deploying it in all manner of work places.

The release date of OS X ‘El Capitan’ was announced, 30 September, so hopefully by the time I get my time off (starting 5 October) the fibre connection will be all installed along with the arrival of the iPhone 6S (I’ll write up a review) so I’ll have a geek out bender – might top it off by watching some old school Sci-fi such as Babylon 5.

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