HTC One M9 and Android 5.1

Just looking through for reviews of the HTC One M9 after the Android 5.1 made its way out to the consumers given that many reviewers had major criticisms whilst running Android 5.0.x and many promises by HTC that the issues being discussed by reviewers would eventually be addressed in future updates to Android and the bundled applications provided by HTC. I finally found a good review on YouTube that gives the device a once over given that he had run the phone using the stock 5.0.2 and the updated 5.1 that has come out just recently (we’ve only just received the Android 5.1 update in New Zealand in the last month).


And it appears that although every where else things have improved there remains issues with the camera which is unfortunate but at the same time I wonder to what extent I’ve seen in the past where reviews (not this gentleman’s review btw) are so heavily camera focused that I wonder whether it is almost a process of ‘searching for flaws’ rather than reviewing the product as it is. Truth be told I’ve yet to use a phone or a webcam with an autofocus that doesn’t suck – reminds me of a Logitech top of the line webcam and the autofocus was so annoying I had to disable it when creating videos using it – the technology in and of itself is hit and miss thus I’d sooner take direct control over what is happening than leave it up to some algorithm to do the job for me. I’m also sure, if one had plenty of time, you could find flaws in almost everything but alas it appears that HTC cannot cut a break but hopefully with Android Marshmallow we’ll see future improvements. That being said, I had a look at the Nexus 6 and the big draw back as far as I see with the Nexus 6 is the lack of an SDCard slot especially for someone like me who has gigabytes of music and would find that even the 64GB limit as rather limiting. I understand the need for simplification but it is rather limiting when one his a storage brick wall then having to play ‘musical chairs’ with the stuff stored on the device just to squeeze some extra stuff in there.

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