Moving back to Spark, UFB success and AirDroid

After hearing nothing for quite some time the Chorus guys (or contractors for Chorus) made an appearance on Tuesday where I was lying in bed thinking, “oh god help me if they make a mess as what was the original plan” – the original plan was to run a PVC pipe along the wall on the right hand side of the drive way then take the cable from there to the dividing fence for each place. Well, I woke up in the afternoon/evening and went out to see how things had progressed and to my astonishment and pleasure they went with the plan that I hope they would – they went through the backyard using one of those earth boring machines which meant that the cables are largely invisible. What was even greater is where the black cable came up for my place is the perfect location because it is within 50cm of a powerpoint which I also use for my power line networking (I purchased a NetCommWireless NP507 PowerLine Kit ( link ) which has gigabit ethernet ports and can connect up to 600Mbps between the two – it should get very close to that 600Mbps given that they’re hooked up to a dedicated circuit that used to have the heaters hooked up to) along with a 10M cable from the ONT box to the HG659b router with the power line networking having a 10M cable of its own to the router as well. They’re currently in the process of getting things sorted out but once that is done then they’ll text message me with confirmation and a time for when they’ll come in to install fibre part inside of the house which is where the ONT box is installed.

Regarding mum, she is looking through all the bills and so forth to see where costs can be cut and currently she paying a lot more for for internet, pay television and mobile than she needs to. I’m in the process of talking to Spark about hooking her back up to ADSL and landline with UFB being something that can take up to a month hence Spark suggested hooking up to ADSL in the mean time. Whilst that is happening we’re going to get Sky installed and we’ll talk to the installer that if the signal isn’t strong enough then we’ll get the guy to move it either further up or on the second story which should provide a clearer more direct line of sight to the satellite. Regarding the position of the ADSL modem I’m hoping that what I can do is install it in the kitchen then use power line networking from downstairs to upstairs which also mean we can retire the old Airport Extreme Base Station. As for the modem, I think it’ll come with either the bog standard hg531s or hg630b but I’ll see if they can upgrade to the hg659b due to its better coverage and support for 5GHz – the Huawei modem/router have been pretty reliable when compared to the Thomson and Technicolor ones of the past so I’m pretty happy that Spark has gone with Huawei. I am surprised though that 2 Degrees Mobile (which bought out Snap internet) is still using the Frtiz box but then again maybe they’re working through what they have then switch over to Huawei given that 2 Degrees Mobile and Huawei have had a long relationship going right back to when the first 2 Degrees Mobile network was first built so it would make sense to also start using more Huawei gear long term.

Having a look at HandsFree ( link ) and I didn’t even realise that this existed up until now. For so long I’ve kept with my iPhone because primarily I wanted the sort of integration that the iPhone 6 and OS X provided but I’ve only just come across HandsFree  which provides similar functionality to what I can do with the iPhone 6. Although I won’t jump ship any time soon it is great to know that Apple doesn’t have me by the short ’n curlies given that I can have the same level of integration – the experience is just as smooth meaning any move away won’t mean having to give something up in the process. The HTC One M9 has received an update to 5.1 and the reason I bring up HTC is that I really cannot bring myself to purchase a Samsung phone – after their craptacular after market support not to mention just how plain horrible Kies is as a synchronisation application on both OS X and Windows. There is going to be an announcement on 9 September by Apple and it’ll almost be guaranteed that the iPhone 6S will be launched and possibly a refreshed Apple TV so if the announcement turns into a giant dunger of a release and the iPhone 6S doesn’t show any real movement forward then I’m in a position where I can opt for something better.

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