Didn’t see that coming: OS X 10.10.5 and iTunes updated

Just got home from work, boil out along with moving the oil around plus new oil in the vats, then jumped online only to find that not only has OS X 10.10.5 been released ( link ) which includes Safari 8.0.8 but also iTunes 10.2.2. I checked the firmware for both my iMac and MacBook Pro and neither of them addresses the attack on the EFI firmware using the Thunderbolt port but I guess that is probably something that’ll be the focus for El Capitan given the scope and complexity requiring a lot more time to test to ensure that not only is it fixed but that it doesn’t break something in the process of fixing. On a good side Safari seems to be a little more on the snappy side, none of the applications I run have shown to have any issues and it appears that the update itself has touched large numbers of framework and kernel extensions. Oh well, off to sleep and up in 10 hours ready for work to do it all again.

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