How on earth do such idiots get jobs in the first place

Just watching a segment regarding the new regulatory policy regarding carbon pollution via the existing EPA mandate in regards to reducing carbon pollution over all:

And really, how on earth did Patrick Morrisey get his position when he can’t even grasp the basic concept that the limits are imposed carbon pollution and in no place in that regulatory announcement did they do as he claimed, that is, to centrally plan the energy mix used for power generation. Once again this is the funny part of the Republicans who worship the free market but when it comes to the creative destructive process that they so readily admire about the market place they seem to want to rescue dying industries for the sake of those who have a vested interest in prolonging the metaphorical buggy whip sales industry because they’re unable to see that motor vehicles open up a whole new set of opportunities in the future. This is why getting involved with politics matters because otherwise you get people like Patrick speaking and making decisions on your behalf that make your particular area look like a pack of mouth breathing knuckle dragging shit kicking yokels that lack the basic grasp of reality.

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