The next day…

My heart felt thanks go out to the defence force and all those who attended dad’s funeral yesterday ( link ) as the support has allowed the family to work through the avalanche of emotions that have been unleashed after dad’s death. The one aspect of the day I really loved was the fact that it wasn’t a day where people sat around crying, wailing and gnashing of teeth but rather a celebration of dad’s life and what he contributed. Goodness knows I’ve gone to funerals in the past and the focus, rather than being on what the person did, the whole day defines the persons life based on their death rather than what the person did when they were alive. The celebration of dad’s life through more formal tributes at the mass and the more informal banter at the wake has done a lot to help the grieving process – it is what dad would have wanted as well.

As a deist ( link ) I don’t subscribe to the beliefs of my father but I can take appreciation in the tradition and ceremony of the Catholic church service that took place – the ritual provided a therapeutic way in which the grieving process can be expressed through to give it meaning rather than there being a cavernous void of emptiness that is left when someone passes away. I’m looking forward to getting back to work and getting back on track – it is important to grieve but it is also important to get back on track and focus on the future.

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