Gradually getting there: Could be worse

Funeral for my dad is tomorrow (Thursday) – the formal closing of one chapter but the beginning of a new one. All of the family will be there with the formal funeral being a celebration of dad’s life and then the wake afterwards where more informal speeches can be made by friends and family remembering stories of when he was at Duntroon etc. Although there will be a lot of crying by those who attend I have to admit myself I’m all cried out and have moved onto to accepting the reality of what has transpired. Having seen dad go through what he had to during the treatment, the spreading of the cancer to his lungs and the pain he was in the final days it was heart breaking to see someone whose stature dominated your presence to be a shadow of his former self.

Oh a more brighter note I’ve moved my ‘Cloud Service’. from iCloud to Google because of the increasingly unreliable nature of iCloud over the last several months – something that started out as a ‘once in a blue moon’ has become a regular event and to be honest for someone like me who utilises ‘the cloud’ for work I cannot afford not having a reliable email service or quirkiness when it comes to their service. Don’t get me wrong, I love using my Mac (iMac and MacBook Pro) but god knows it has been a war of ‘love’ and ‘hate’ between me and iCloud. Oh, and to wrap it all up I traded in my iPhone 6 for a HTC One M9 which was only marginally more – threw in a 128GB microsd card and synchronised my music via HTC Sync Manager although I have inquired about getting Syncmate at 50% off since I have an old version – connect it up using MTP and it works but the free version doesn’t allow one to sync but simply connect. I’ve ordered an Otterbox Defender which is a ruggedised case for the HTC One M9 – I’ll write a more extensive review in a few weeks after having some real world experience to show for it. Oh, and still waiting for Chorus/Spark to sort out the whole contacting Wilson Hurst to get the installation of fibre – hopefully get it installed in my office then maybe mount the router on the wall to get maximum coverage then use the power line networking for a good connection between the router and my Apple TV.

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