Gradually coming to terms with what has happened

I’ve had a couple of days by myself to reflect on the information I’ve been given and slowly coming to terms with the new reality – I needed to have that time off from work to consolidate my thoughts and deal with the emotions or otherwise I think I might have broken down at work. It isn’t until one is faced with such a scenario in real life when honest questions regarding priorities are confronted particularly when I have my day off making a greater effort to spend time with my father given the limited that that is left. I’m going to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday because those are the days that are the most difficult to cover but next week I’ll see if I can have Monday and Tuesday off next week then work a four day week then hopefully everything will get back to normal again – well, as normal as things can get given the circumstances.

Dad has known since March that he has had at maximum 2 years under his belt but I think that given the circumstances he realised that the 2 years was optimistic and thus any time, any new day where he wakes up in the morning is seen as a blessing and cherished. For me it has come as a shock not only to hear about the 2 years but how quickly that 2 years has suddenly become a matter of months – I’m hoping and praying that dad can stay with us for as long as he can so that we can hopefully spend our last Christmas together.

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