At least something is working well

In a week of shitty news at least there are two bright spots – Firstly I’m finally able to make the final payment on the interest free deal for my iPhone so my Spark account will finally be free of that debt, Secondly I’ve organised Spark to upgrade me from VDSL to UFB 200 (200Mbps download, 20Mbps upload) which will mean once it is installed all the improvements going forward are going to be centred around fibre and copper will be more or less on life support – I wouldn’t be surprised if some time in the future that Chorus will request that they phase out copper lines in favour of going pure fibre. I’m going to ring up Wilson Hurst, the contractors for Chorus (who do the installation) and I’ll see whether I’ve got all four letters line up so that I can hit the ground running straight off the bat so hopefully by the end of next month I’ll have fibre fully installed and sorted out. The big question is the installation location which I’m tempted to put in my office but equally if they can put it in the lounge room using the old power outlet of the old heater then it means I can run an ethernet cable from there to my router sitting on top of the the bookshelf then maybe I’ll get a power line adapter so that I can get a good stable connection to the router from my iMac. As for my existing VDSL router/modem combination – I’ll probably pass it along to my sister who is having issues with her own wireless in terms of getting good coverage so that’ll help her out as well given that the Huawei HG659b that comes with a Fibre 200 connection is a pretty good modem/router/gizmo.

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