Left the Reddit circle-jerk

I just go to the end of my tether when it came to Reddit with the circle jerking and the hive mentality of ‘anything that doesn’t follow the narrative needs to be down voted rather than engaging into a fruitful discussion pointing out where the original poster is wrong’, so what ends up happening? Discussions are watered down to the point that people post meaningless drivel or posts devoid content written in the ‘active voice’ meaning that you could almost interpret it in almost anyway you want and thus offend no one in the process. Why do people do that? because they want their opinions heard and considered but when there is the up/down vote moderation system those opinions that fall below the default threshold disappear entirely – a system that is routinely abused by those who aren’t interested in a discussion of differing opinions but rather a ‘one man crusade’ they believe they’re on to purge the universe of ‘deviant ideas’ that further the collective narrative. I’ll provide some examples:

1) The TPP is a contentious topic at the best of times but an individual (who appeared to know what he is talking about by providing links to specific cases and explanations with required legalese) explained the finer points of the non-governmental arbitration panel. He also went into explaining why examples used in the past in justification of being opposed to the TPP aren’t giving the full context of those specific issues in terms of what was really happening behind the scenes via political manoeuvring that helped out political donors. God forbid we have a rational discussion by a kind volunteer so his posts (which were in-depth and well researched) were voted down into oblivion and at the top – the usual crap about ‘Bernie is our only hope’ followed by some shitty puns, basically content that adds nothing to the discussion.

2) The New Zealand subreddit is one bit giant left wing circle jerk of angsty teenagers and students thinking that it is ‘edgy’ to concoct conspiracies about how John Key is conspiring with all his ‘rich mates’ to screw over ‘middle New Zealand’ by using his ‘charming personality’ as cover for his dastardly plan. At some point the circle jerk becomes a little too much and god forbid you say something like, “maybe that couple should have exercised some personal responsibility before deciding to have six kids” then along come the calvary from the knights of nitwittery to explain to me that obviously I must hate poor people or that I advocate for eugenics because apparently when you advocate personal responsibility you’re ‘literally Hitler’ in their minds. Keeping in mind that spending some money on condoms or picking them up free from the local community health then using them as to avoid having unplanned pregnancies is hardly what I’d consider onerous – I mean, it isn’t like giving up an addiction like smoking or drinking which has a combination of chemical and physiological dependencies where as simply putting on a condom before having sex and using lube should be as easy as taking a shower.

So in the end I just throw up my hands and just say, “fuck it, I don’t want to have to deal with a community of assholes” and decided to simply leave. I like being on a forum where there is a discussion; I post something then someone critiques what I write (what I actually write rather than making assumptions via textual gnosticism) then I reply critiquing their critique along with adding some new content that supports my initial statement. In other words the conversation requires that both sides actually read what is posted and not jump in half way through the chain of discussions whilst failing to read the prior posts where the issue has already been addressed.

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