Selling off houses to build more houses

One of the policies that has been around for quite some time is the idea by Housing New Zealand where they will sell off a house in a prime location and then re-use the funds to build more state houses. The argue goes that many of these houses are now on prime residential property and that rather than having (hypothetically) $1million tie up in a single house the property could be sold and the money used to build 3-4 new house and thus able to help more low income families with affordable housing. The problem with this is that more often than not the prime property is in a location close to town which is close to work so effectively you might have built four new homes but those four new homes are now further from employment thus introducing a whole new set of problems that need addressing – give with one hand but take with another. That unfortunately is a symptom of a larger problem where there doesn’t seem to be an integrated strategy between housing, employment, public transportation not to mention amenities such as schools and clinics – the net result? you have haphazard attempts of throwing ideas against the wall hoping something will eventually stick meanwhile tax payer money is wasted as the government ‘experiments’ in hope of finding that something eventually works whilst in the mean time those who need help have to deal with the dysfunctional results.

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