And so I return

I never thought I’d return to Facebook but with so many work mates and friends around the world taking advantage of Facebook I’d be crazy not to be signed up and taking advantage of it. I originally deleted it because I really couldn’t stand the morons so these days I have a strict ‘no morons’ policy so that the only people I have as friends are those people who I’ve met in the real world and want to associate with rather than the ‘well fuck it, I’ll add them because why the hell not’ resulting in hundreds of people put as friends whom I really had no association with other than saying ‘hi’. All signed up and sorted out and things are going well – nice to see that Facebook has seen fit to fix up their interface and their settings page isn’t a minefield of confusion like it was in the past.

El Capitan 10.11 Developer Beta 2 has been released along with the second beta for iOS 9.0 as well but I’m more interested in what is happening with 10.10.4 and iOS 8.4 and when they’re going to appear. Hopefully the’ll be all ready for download before 30 June as to avoid a massive download traffic jam as everyone tries to update their operating systems whilst also updating their music application at the same time resulting in really slow download times. The feedback regarding El Capitan is as expected – not everything is feature complete given that it is a developer beta so I’d hazard to guess that many promises features are in a state of flux either to be fully implemented or receiving feedback from developers to ensure that new frameworks such as Metal/Metal Kit are actually useful in the real world.

Oh, and my scooter was stolen a couple of days ago – I reported it to the police but the chances of actually finding it are pretty slim given that I have the steering wheel locked so they would have had to wheel it out on the back wheel along with pretty much destroying the steering column to get it unlocked. Basically, it would have been unusable by the end of it meaning all it’ll be useful for are scrap parts and even then I doubt there would be much value in it. This is the first time it has happened to me having lived in this area for almost two years so I doubt this is a trend but rather just an opportunistic prick trying to make a quick buck or something.

Btw, rumour has it that Apple will be moving ‘Reminders’ and ‘Notes’ iCloud synchronisation from using a butchered/hacked usage of IMAP in favour of moving it to CloudKit which should hopefully mean a lot more reliable synchronisation. To be honest, when you hack up a protocol to do something that it was never designed to do then it is hardly surprising that things go pear shaped on occasion which will hopefully mean that the over all IMAP experience will be a lot more reliable. There is also a development of what is called JMAP which is an IMAP replacement that is based on JSON which would fit well into the JSON based CloudKit framework they were talking about – such a replacement for IMAP would address many of the concerns particularly around scalability as well as having a standardised way of push notifications where today they use a tweaked XMMP protocol which unfortunately isn’t a documented open standards for third party developers to implement.

3 thoughts on “And so I return

  1. First off, I saw in your other post that your scooter had been stolen – very sorry to hear that, hopefully insurance will work it out soon so that you’ll have something to get you around.

    On Facebook – I had considered leaving it myself early last year, and then I decided just to cull down my “Friends” list to people that I knew physically or had some real connection with online. Even then, I set it up to receive updates to my stream from my family and a handful of friends – perhaps 10 people in all.

    That vastly improved the experience.

    Nice to see you back on there!

    I have not yet tested out El Capitan but I plan to do so when I have some time off in July. I’m still laughing at your last post about the folks who don’t quite get the concept of ‘developer preview’ – reminds me of the days when Gentoo was really popular and people would run the unstable branch, then complain when it broke every other day.

    (What part of ‘unstable’ don’t you get, folks?)

    1. Finally picked up the new scooter – it is around the black tied up with this new chain that can only be cut by using a grinder which wold take hours. In the next couple of days I’m getting a shed put up which will mean a locked shed with a chained bike inside which will also keep the bike out of the elements and protect the parts from exposure.

      I was amazed how many of my friends were on Facebook so I’ve been getting back in touch chatting to people and making contact – also a great way to get in contact with businesses such as my bank when I have a quick question that needs answering and I want to avoid having to deal with the drama of ringing up or visiting a branch.

      Looking forward to El Capitan especially regarding Metal but nothing has been said about OpenGL which makes me wonder whether Apple is relegating OpenGL to a legacy technology they keep around and maintain but one shouldn’t expect any new features as it seems all the effort is now going into Metal. I also wonder whether Vulkan will make an appearance some time in the future or are Apple happy that Metal already provides a unifying framework that spans across the OS X and iOS platforms thus there really isn’t a compelling reason for them to get behind it.

      Rumour has it that the next iMac refresh will be using AMD GPU’s which makes me wonder whether they’ll be going with AMD completely because generally they jump back and forths between the two but with Metal have they gotten to the point that the GCN architecture has enabled them to efficiently take advantage of the hardware. It’ll be interesting especially now that AMD has sold of ‘global foundries’ which means they’re able to take advantage of the next die shrink by TSMC and Samsung that’ll hopefully translate into better TDP.

  2. Glad to hear that you have a new scooter! It is tough not to have independent mobility where you and I live (I know how difficult it would be for me if I did not have a car) – also, great idea to keep it stored inside of a shed. I try to keep all of the family’s bicycles inside of a shed too as otherwise it is a chore to remove the rust and grime that tends to build up.

    Yes, love it or lump it, Facebook will be here for some time and as you said, many of our friends are on it – also, where we live, many of the small businesses are only on Facebook and do not have their own independent websites. It is just easier for me to stay on there and be an intelligent user (keep an eye on the seemingly ever changing privacy settings and so forth).

    I have to say that Apple is really doing a top notch job with things, their new machines are stunning and at the same time they just keep on supporting older hardware (my workhorse MacBook Pro is now over 7 years old and El Capitan works just fine).

    Come on Apple, make my machine obsolete so I’ll have to buy a new one, won’t you? Kidding 🙂 I do admit that it is time to get a new computer, so I will be saving to see what comes out next – I can pass the MBP on to one of our children if it is still functioning by then.

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