What part of ‘developer preview’ are you having difficulty understanding? Oh, and scooter was stolen!

I was reading through the various forums regarding the next release of OS X in terms of reading feedback regarding the changes compared to 10.10 at this early stage particularly around the area of performance and responsiveness. When I read through these posts I don’t expect stories of major changes but it is nice to hear from developers that issues that they’ve been facing have been addressed or that the features announced by Apple at WWDC have allowed them to do certain things that were difficult to achieve using the existing frameworks that are in place. Keep in mind that this is a developer preview, it isn’t feature complete and it has only officially been provided through the official channels to paid developers – in other words, to people who know what the hell they’re doing and not enthusiasts who are as thick as two short planks but feel the need to be on the ‘cutting edge’. The net result has been, thanks to the easy of sharing via bittorrent, we have people who shouldn’t be running it end up running it with the forum filled with idiots bitching and whining about how certain things don’t work or how the ‘Disk Utility’ which has a new GUI (the GUI in 10.10 has been with the operating system since OS X 10.0 was first released) is lacking features. Really, unless you’re a professional developer offering constructive and useful feedback to Apple through the appropriate channels they provide to developers then don’t flood the forum with stupid shit and wait till the official public beta is made available.

Regarding Office 2016 for Mac – the June update I’ve been running since it was made available and so far I’ve been pretty happy with it. It has the same issues that I’ve listed in the past such as Microsoft’s obsession with setting up the language for the suite by detecting the keyboard instead of simply setting the language based on what the ‘System Preferences’ localisation language is being set to. The Outlook application is pretty much crippled and only supports the absolute bare minimum of functionality (IMAP and POP3) so at this point Outlook is merely a conduit for people to access Office 365 Exchange hosting in the cloud or Exchange server hosted on site for their organisation – maybe a tacit acceptance by Microsoft that there isn’t much point trying to push the old proverbial up the hill when there are already a bundled applications that comes with OS X which do the job which pretty much means that Outlook has to carve out a niche.

Oh, and just when I thought, “you know what I need…a nice hot cup of coffee to warm me up” so I head outside and noticed my scooter missing – my scooter had been stolen! I locked it up to the car port pole and locked its steering wheel so that it cannot be moved unless you have it pushed on the back wheel. I’ve reported it to the police and will be dealing with the insurance company tomorrow but it is yet another thing that I really don’t want to deal with at this stage.

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