Squandered opportunities

I find it interesting that there is great discussion at the moment about free trade in the light of the TPP – putting aside that particular discussion for the moment, I always find it interesting how often Americans complain about ‘free trade destroyed our manufacturing’ yet I see a complete lack of discussion of how American businesses have squandered every opportunity afforded to them to make additional money by exporting overseas. Take their entertainment industry and their refusal to provide a global service for a single set price so that no matter where you’re in the globe you can purchase their particular service such as HBO or Showtime (to name a few). Ok, so I thought to myself that I need to get some jeans so I saw some jeans online and it was ‘union approved clothing’, did they ship overseas? nope, well, there is a sale that is just missed. I go onto Amazon and same situation, large number of products cannot be shipped outside of the US – even just a throw rug for my sofa would have required me to go through a re-mailing service just to get it to New Zealand. You see where this is going? how long will it take for American businesses to wake up and take advantage of an increasingly liberalised global economy given that it appears that of 2015 far too many businesses believe that the world stops at the borders of the United States.

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