Really…did you actually think before posting?

Been reading through Macrumors and the Apple subreddit, and i find it funny the constant whining about bugs or missing features in what is a *shock* *horror* a developer preview. First of all most of these people sucking the oxygen out of the room aren’t even registered developers so where they got it from speaks volumes as to their seriousness of actually providing meaningful feedback to Apple not to mention provide meaningful discussion on the forum. The other problem is that there is this constant avalanche of bitching and whining but nothing in the way of productive discussion either from a programmers perspective or even from a power users perspective – it is endless bitching or worse people posting the same crappy topic over and over again – is it really necessary to have 10 threads taking about how ‘fast and responsive’ 10.11 is? why not reply to the thread that was already started? oh silly me, then you wouldn’t feel like a special snow flake which comes when you start your own thread.

Reading further through there is the constant whining that bugs aren’t fixed – and when I mean by ‘bugs’ I’m not talking about the bugs you and I would be thinking about (a crash that occurs in one release and the next release it is still there or a API regression that has broken compatibility with a particular application) but rather ex-Windows users bitching that OS X isn’t behaving like Windows so therefore it must be a bug. Sorry to inform you but OS X doesn’t behave like Windows because it isn’t Windows, it’s OS X and as such will behave in its own way. Part of moving to OS X is accepting that OS X does things differently and either you learn to deal with the fact that things are done differently or just suck up your pride and head back to Windows. Labelling behaviour that you find uncommon as bugs is just plain fucking stupid but alas I see it far too often by so-called ‘Windows power users’ who are apparently so powerful at running Windows that they’re unable to spend a few hours learning the philosophical differences between the two UI paradigms and thus insist on demanding that OS X is turned into Windows just simply for their comfort.

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