More good news on the iOS and OS X front

Apple announced with iOS 9 that soon enough end users will have the joy of being able to install Adblocker to avoid the myriad of crappy advertisements that so many ad companies seem to think as the ideal vehicle for promoting their products. As an online citizen I understand that for the content to be provided people have to be paid along with the cost of delivering that content to me – it is a necessary evil to keep the online world functioning but is it entirely necessary to have big obnoxious ads that serve to not only distract but turn off end users from your website? When it comes to advertisement platforms – what I don’t understand is how you an provide an advertising platform but when that platform is being used for phishing attacks you stand idly by as if there was nothing you could do besides, you know, vetting the ads before allowing them to go live on you network.

Reading through it appears that the developer preview of OS X 10.11 is still very much beta/pre-beta where some changes haven’t been fully finished such as Metal is still not fully implemented on certain GPU’s and technologies mentioned to have moved to a Metal basis are still in the process of moving from OpenGL to Metal. It appears that reading through a lot of the documentation that is online that there are more optimisations and changes to come particularly in the light of the public beta that’ll be made available some time in July. Hopefully by then we’ll see a good portion of the movement to Metal complete but the more interesting part will be in the coming years as to what will happen with OpenGL and whether, even though it is proprietary, developers will jump onboard Metal because it offers superior developer expensive even if it means that portability is sacrificed.

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