Very excited about my time off starting next week

Just checking my GEM Visa balance today and if everything goes according to plan I’ll have most of it paid off before going on a break and by the end of July I’ll have it all paid off. I’ll then move onto my Spark interest free deal which I used for my iPhone 6 which will mean by the end of August that will be paid off. The goal is that OS X 10.11 is shipped I’ll have all my debt cleaned which will enable me to save up to purchase a 125cc scooter then go for my learners motorcycle licence then eventually a restricted then a full licence.

I was going to save up to purchase a Mac mini but decided not to given that it would be a lot of money for a device that I would use only the absolute basic functionality that could be done using an Apple TV so instead I went to purchase an Apple TV. I’m excited about the much rumoured Apple TV update not to mention the new service that’ll be launched so hopefully going forward there will be a big push by Apple into the media distribution through the providing of Apple TV boxes and leveraging their global CDN and fast connections directly to the ISP’s network.

Picked up some ‘up and go’ from the supermarket and my diet is going well so far – avoiding eating food from work, counting calories and making sure I have a nutritious meal before work as to avoid wanting to eat everything in sight when working.

Had my birthday on Monday and my parents gave me the much needed present of money – bought three new shirts and two jumpers because look a lot more presentable and less frumpy in public. As for pants, I’ll eventually look for more but only once I’ve lost that weight – shirts you can get away with being baggy but pants are just a nuisance and end up looking rather comical if too large.

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