Thats sorted out, now onto more stuff

Finally got everything related to banking sorted out: VISA Debit arrived, picked up the EFTPOS card, my Low Rate VISA arrived pretty quickly and I learned how to use the automated deposit ATM which means that money I deposit goes straight into my account at the time of deposit – it is basically like one of those automated check outs where you feed your notes and coins then the ATM does the counting and crediting to your account. It is a great way when you want to put money into the account straight away so then you an pay a bill or purchase something online without having to wait 1-2 days for the old school money in the envelope method. My GEM Visa is on track of having it paid off by half before I go off on my break which will mean that I’ll have one less thing to worry about and Spark has been notified about the modem which I’ll drop off at the Courier Post- saves me from having to ring up a courier to come around and pick it up from home. I dropped it off and they were happy to have take it – I’ll remember in future next time when I do need to send something back that such an option does exist.

On a good side I’m now doing more cooking at home rather than purchasing take aways which helps the budget and also helping my health as well – getting off the fried foods and making improvements. I’m hoping that the 2 1/2 weeks I’m off in June will also give me time to focus on getting my diet in order to get life back on track – not because I’m unhealthy or anything but I realise that as I get older that losing weight and making a lifestyle change will become increasingly more difficult so if I start now then it’ll settle in to being a habit where I don’t have to consciously think these choices in every day life.

I’ve got Saturday off and my birthday is on 1 June but I’m more excited about the end of next week which is when my holiday will start – 2 1/2 weeks of relaxing at home, chilling out and not having to deal with the drama of work or any other obligations. Some people go alway on holidays when they get time off where as I prefer to keep it simple – watch some movies at home, maybe go for a day trip into Wellington for a walk along the waterfront on good day not to mention maybe chilling out around the local mall as well.

Checking out the cost of a 125cc scooter and I’ve still got to ring up RTNZ to find out what the rego and licensing cost cost each year given that their website is about as clear as mud – does it come under scooter or does it get pushed into the motorbike category given that it is over 50cc. On a good side the price is stayed at the same amount for the last few months so I don’t think it’ll be moving up or down anytime soon. Basically long term I really do need a larger bike considering I want to be able to travel further and going 100km on a 50cc would be just too slow and painful.

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