Sweet mercifuls but positive news

Just reading through the variety of posts on Reddit and it is amazing the number of people who write off replies without even bothering to read the thread to which they’re replying to – really, read through the thread and ask yourself, “the issue that I’m about to raise, has it been addressed, discussed or is there something new I can contribute?” if you’ve got nothing new to add or the issue has already been addressed then why are you replying? it seems to be a situation of people wanting to hear the sound of their own voice than asking themselves whether they should reply in the first place. I’ve been in the very situation where I’ve read through a thread starting post thinking to myself, “oh I can put my input here” only to read further down the page that my point of view has already been made in that thread so I don’t need to add more fuel to the already raging fire.

People trying to make out that something occurs because of some grand malicious scheme dreamed up in the deep bowels of a building filled with men in a smoked fill room when in reality the explaination for the decision is incompetence. This explanation is known as Hanlon’s razor: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” because you’d be surprised the number of decisions that are made by those in power based on the most rosy optimistic predictions only for it all to turn to crap within a short space of time. Far too often I see on /r/newzealand people trying to make out that John Key is some sort of illegitimate dictator who is doing his best to featherbed his ‘corporate buddies’ but never a single piece of evidence is shown other than the conclusions drawn based on, “well, he supports the TPP so therefore it must because he wants to help out his crooked mates” because apparently anyone on the right is the root of all evil and such individuals who level such accusations can’t seem to grasp the idea that maybe John Key were weighing up both sides and that he believes that although the TPP has its ‘issues’, New Zealand will benefit more from the agreement than any of the issues that might arise. Now, there is nothing wrong with disagreeing with the assessment but to slander someone via unsubstantiated innuendo really shows just how baseless their arguments are.

On a good side it appears that the recent fiasco with discoveryd means that it’ll be all coming to an end and a return of the mDNSResponder in OS 10.10.4 ( link ) which makes me wonder why there was a move away from mDNSResponder in terms of the justification given how much agony it has caused end users and I’m sure the mountain of grief it has also caused the engineers hunting down the bugs and trying to fix them up in a timely manner. As I understand, mDNSResponder has a large code base with lots of platforms supported so if the diversity of platforms is becoming a problem then why not trim it back to the absolute essential and focus on making sure those platforms that exist are being maintained rather than just existing in the code base more or less being ignored by those maintainers that should be looking after it. I also wonder how much ‘benefit’ was supposed to be gained from the new code base – if you need to fix something up because it is beyond repair I can understand (see my numerous rants about Windows and win32 as a good example) but if you do undertake a clean re-write then it requires accepting that re-writing introduces a whole new set of bugs and issues that will need resolving so big questions need to be asked whether the improvements are big enough to justify such disruption and whether those goals can be achieved in the existing code base without having to endure the disruption. I’m looking forward to seeing 10.10.4 eventually make it out but more importantly I hope that this works as a learning experience for Apple not to replace things that aren’t broken or replacing something because it isn’t ‘modern’ and ‘new’ because it’ll come back to bite you in the ass later on.


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